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About Dr. Antiqua N. Smart, NP

Principal Healthcare Consultant &

Healthcare Social Media Content Strategist


Dr. Smart, NP is dually board-certified as a family nurse practitioner and advanced public health nurse through the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She is also board certified as a telemental health provider and certified telemedicine clinical presenter. 


Our Services

Healthcare Consulting & Healthcare Social Media Content Strategy Services 

Maternal-Child Healthcare Consulting

Social Media Account Management For Healthcare 
 Businesses/Private Practices 

Motivational Speaking

Social Media Content Development For Healthcare Businesses/Private Practices 

Healthcare Grant Search Assistance

Telehealth Consulting

Online Education Consulting for Healthcare Educators & Academic Educational Programs

School-Based Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Business Blogging 

Public Health & Wellness Consulting/Teaching

Healthcare Business Policy & Procedure Manual Revisions

Health Policy Advocacy

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What Is A Healthcare Consultant?
A healthcare consultant provides advice to small, medium, or large healthcare organizations based on his/her clinical experience and healthcare literature expertise. Healthcare consultants use their clinical knowledge and critical thinking skills to help healthcare organizations implement new projects that improve overall operational performance. Healthcare consultants do this by collecting information on healthcare organizations' operations and developing needs assessments that assist them with implementation and execution. At HealthConsultology E-Resolutions, we provide healthcare consulting services for clients who own and/or operate small-to-medium independent healthcare organizations.  We also provide online educational consulting services for individual academic healthcare educators and academic healthcare education programs. 


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