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Welcome to Ask Me? Dr. Smart, DNP Blog Forum!!!

Welcome to Ask Me? Dr. Smart, DNP Blog Forum!!! Being that this is the first blog post, I will briefly introduce some of the topics that will be discussed. Since my healthcare career has allowed me to amass a plethora of knowledge in a variety of subject matter, I would like to share this knowledge with you. Topics will be related to health and wellness, health policy, health technology, nursing education, and a variety of writing modalities that my consulting business provides. Health and wellness blog posts will provide general health advice but DO NOT provide medical consultation or treatment. That very necessary legal disclaimer must be stated. Always contact your primary care health provider for medical consultation and treatment. Until the next blog, I wish you happiness, health, and remember knowledge is the key to a life of wealth!

Ask Me? Dr. Smart, DNP™

Nurse Practitioner|Nurse Educator|Healthcare Consultant|Infopreneur

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